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Need a Night Out? Go Online to Find a Reliable Babysitter.

Parenting is perhaps one of the toughest jobs out there. Think about it, there are no training manuals or college courses that prepare for the rigors, sacrifices, and unexpected surprises parents face on a daily basis. It is no wonder that when given an opportunity for a night out, parents will jump at the chance! The main obstacle between a date night with your spouse is the ability to find a babysitter.

It used to be that babysitters were easy to find as most neighborhoods had teenage girls who were willing and able to babysit. Nowadays, those teenage girls are either too busy with homework, jobs or after school sporting activities, and can no longer find the time to babysit. Some people have family members nearby who are willing to babysit, but many people do not have that luxury. So where does one go to find reliable child care for those coveted date nights, or even for extra help after a long work day?

There are online services available that provide the ability to find babysitters simply by entering your zip code. These services do a background check on prospective sitters to ensure that there is no criminal activity. Once a sitter passes the background check, they are able to enter a profile highlighting their strengths, and explaining how they can best help the parent with their babysitting needs. Prospective sitters can also highlight their special skills such as CPR certification, or the ability to help with potty training, crafting or swimming supervision. Most sites offer the ability for the sitter to utilize a calendar to show when they are available for babysitting.

The one question asked by the majority of parents looking for a sitter is “how much per hour.” Sitters can set their own price range, and then display that range on their profile. This provides parents the ability to properly budget their evening, since they know upfront the cost for babysitting services.

Once a relationship with a sitter has been established, it can greatly reduce the amount of stress felt by both parents as they navigate the uncharted waters of parenthood. It can also help to cultivate a much stronger relationship with your spouse, as you are now able to go on more frequent outings, knowing that the kids are safe with a trusted babysitter.