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Tips to Buy Billiards and Pool Table Accessories

On the off chance that you are wanting to buy a billiards and pool table embellishments for yourself, you should do some exploration on it. There are six components of a snooker that you should consider; pads/rail, outline, Legs, slate, fabric, and playing gear/extras.

Significance of purchasing pool table of good quality

It is client’s temperament to choose the most reasonable snooker of a marked quality. Infrequently the customers ignore the nature of shabby items. Modest quality snooker can obliterate all the amusement fun.

Play Surface: if the playing surface of the snooker is not legitimately planned or developed utilizing mediocre materials the surface will be uneven. In such circumstance, balls won’t move easily on the table. Because of an unpleasant marking of the snooker, the ball will dependably go toward incline area. Then again, a smooth board has an immaculate play surface where a ball moves with speed in one course.

Rail And Cushion

The rail is the side-top part of the table with which cushion are attached. A weak rail can make the shots more inconvenient and spoil the fun of the game. Moreover, the speed of the ball depends on the quality of the rail. A standard rail should be of 4 inches wide and made from a solid piece of wood. If you have a rail and cushion of good quality, the shots can be played perfectly without any discomfort.


Snooker with poorly designed frame can have much adverse effect on the game. If there are scratches or cracks on legs of the billiards and snooker accessories the chances of table damage is more. Moreover, chips and dent can make the pool table look older.


The standard size of the billiard board is categorized according to their size; ¾ “, 1-1/4″, 1″ slate. While purchasing snooker for yourself, make sure that you ask for 1” slate table because it is considered to be the most accurate one.


About 90% of the billiards weight is in the cabinet, so it is very important to have strong legs to support the cabinet. It is noticed that sometimes players tend to sit or take the support of the board while standing which add more pressure on the legs. It is better to invest more and get snooker with stronger legs.


The billiard cloth that is popular are made of wool and nylon blend and coated with Teflon. 18 to 22 ounces per yard of cloth is recommended for a standard pool table. A good quality of cloth will not only increase the attraction of the billiard but also speed the ball on the surface.

The points mentioned above will guide a customer to buy the best billiard and pool table accessories. Many online websites give you numerous options of snooker which has a fair price and are made of high-quality woods.